Places to see

VACATIONWelcome to the PLACES TO SEE page.

There are a lot of quotes in this world, but I have an all time favorite: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer“. Because that’s so true, right?

At least once a year my boyfriend and I go on a holiday. Last year we went to France in July, like we do every year. It’s kinda our tradition, because we know the people there and we just feel like home there.

VACAYIn August last year we also went to New York City! Wow, a dream came true!

So, I promise, I will do a blogpost soon about those both trips and share with you my tips and tricks.

But, on this page I will not only tell you about my travel experiences, I will also show you some beautiful places I visited or will visit, like for example bed & breakfasts, events, …

Let the adventure begin! ❤