City Marble by Case Company

Hi cuties,

I hope you’re doing great! ❤
I certainly do, because Case Company introduced me to their new concept:



Let me explain … 🙂

First of all, Case Company is an incredible company that sells supercool cases for your smartphone and laptop ( click here to visit their website 😉 ). Yes, I know, there are a lot of websites where you can order smartphone cases these days, BUT Case Company offers you more. You can personalize your smartphone case (or laptop sleeve) in every way you want. From full wrap cases to hard cases, matte cases, even silicon cases are possible! 😮 You can choose your most beautiful pictures or favorite quotes to design your own case. Nothing cooler than that, right? 😀

Now Case Company has launched a super cool concept, the City Marble and stands for

“your world your case”


With this concept you can put your hometown, favorite city, neighborhood you grew up, your dream destination, … on your smartphone case and take it with you anywhere you go.

So, first of all, you can choose YOUR CITY: I chose Tongeren, the oldest city of Belgium, because that’s were I live, work and met the love of my life! ❤ 😀

Second, you can choose how far you ZOOM IN OR OUT on the city. You can even spin around. It’s totally up to you! 😉

Besides that you can also add EMOJI’S, FILTERS and you can choose if the city map is white, colorful or “by night”. So cool! 😀


My personalized case came in a super cute little bag as you can see on the picture above. I use this a lot as an extra protection for my phone, love it! ❤

To order your case, just visit their website and follow the steps. It’s so easy. Prices start at 15,95 EUR which is a super good price. The cases are really strong and from good quality! 🙂 They can be made for iPhone, Samsung smartphones, Sony, … Also for your iPad, tablet, laptop. So you can even match your gadgets! 😉 ❤

Here are two more pictures of my case from Case Company! ❤ Enjoy!






Hi sweetie’s,


Time for another post! 😉

A few weeks ago I received a cute white bottle named COCO CLEAN – OIL PULLING! I was so excited to try it out and now I will tell you more about it. ❤

Coco Clean is based in the Netherlands and stimulates a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What is Oil Pulling? 
It means that you can rinse your mouth with the pureness of coconut oil. This oil is the perfect care for your teeth. The main benefit is to reduce harmful bacteria which can cause problems like bad breath, tooth decay and yellow teeth.

Coco Clean Oil Pulling is the perfect combo of organic cold pressed 100% natural coconut oil combined with powerful ingredients of three refreshing flavors: extra coco, mint and lemon.

As you can see in the picture, I tested the extra coco. Thank God there was a little card which explains how to use! 😀 Scroll down …


  1. Hold the bottle under hot water: you will see the coco melt inside of the bottle.


2.  Take 10ml inside of your mouth (or 1 bottle cap).


3. Rinse 5 – 10 minutes.

… didn’t take a photo of that …. 😀

4. Spit it out and smile! 😀

Here is my cococlean smile! 😉 ❤
If you want to try it yourself, click here to visit their website! ❤



Hi there,

Here I am again with a new blogpost, this time about the wonderful evening I had Saturday the 3th of June. I felt so honored to be invited as a VIP at the traditional Antwerp Fashion Show 2017.

Before I tell you more about the show itself, I want to thank OPEL BELGIUM for this invitation. I really enjoyed my evening and felt kinda special to be treated as a VIP! 😀


The event was organized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where the students of this school (Bachelors & Masters) could show their pieces of art they made over the year.

First my boyfriend and I were picked up by  Opel’s New Insignia Grand Sport. How cool was that? 😮


After ten minutes we arrived at the event where we could meet the brand new Opel Crossland X! For me this really was the eyecatcher of the evening, I was so happy my outfit was matching this cool car! 😀


The new Crossland X is co-designed by the Belgian Thibaut Doneux, and is especially made for the modern, independent woman. Those women nowadays enjoy life to the fullest, and therefore this car is perfect for them! 😉 They can conquer the world with this car, but also enjoy nature and escape the stress this life gives them. But off course, the new Crossland X is an amazing car, available for each and every one of us!

The combination of this event – Opel vs. Fashion – I know, may sound a bit weird. But if you know the story, you will definitely understand: both are based on a design proces; it starts with an idea, a story, a design and than it proceeds to become a fascinating product available for potential customers.


As you can see on this picture above we were spoiled with little snacks and drinks during this event. I also had the honor to finally meet the amazing Lena! ❤ We had a great time and had some fun making our own cocktail! Check out the pictures below! 😀




And then the Fashion Show … What a show! 😮 I was blown away by the amazing talent our little country has to offer. Here are some more pictures of this show (Thank you, Lena! <3) .. Enjoy! ❤







Well hello sweet visitor ❤ , FullSizeRender

I know it’s been a while since I wrote something, but now I’m back with a new blogpost about a very cool cosmetics brand: JEAN D’ARCEL.

A while ago I was so lucky to receive a lot (check the picture on the right :D) of products from this – for me – new brand. I never experienced love at first sight, until now! 😮 😀 ❤

That’s why I really took the time to test these products one by one and to tell you how I feel about them. So, here we go.

Caviar – Day care Day Care

This day care cream from the caviar – line is so awesome! It protects your skin from the difficulties your skin has to go through during the day. The caviar extract and sea spring water helps to strengthen your skin and prevents skin aging! How cool is that? ❤
After using this product about a week I really felt something different about my skin.


Renovar – Renewing face cream 2

The second product I tested is the renewing face cream from the renovar – line. This cream is a 24-hour revitalizing care for the strengthening of the skin. This strengtening  is possible thanks to an intensive amount of moisture. It helps you getting a smooth and harmonious skin. Who doesn’t want that? 😀


Multibalance – Neck firming care3

The neck firming care cream gives you a beautiful neck and a well looked neckline.
So thanks to this product your neck and neckline get a smooth and youthfull look! 😉 To be honest I used this product less than the other ones, but you must definitely try it out! ❤


4Prestige – Pre-age mask

This face mask is heaven for the busy girls ! #praisethelord 😀 This mask from the prestige – line works fast and stimulates the skin’s regeneration properties and gives your immune system a well deserved boost. 😉 Who run the world? 😀



Végétalie – Deep cleansing scrub + all in one cleanser5

The next products I tested belong to the végétalie – line.

The first one is the deep cleansing scrub. This scrub cleans your skin down into the pores. It also gives you a skin that feels soft and silky. Babies are getting jealous! 😉

The second product I tested from the végétalie – line is the all in one cleanser. This cleanser removes all dirt particles and make-up from our skin in one step. And hey, this one is suitable for all skin types. We’re so lucky, right? 😀


Multibalance – Triple action hand cream 6

I think this hand cream from the multibalance – line is one of my favorite products I tested. I think it’s so important for a girl/woman to have beautiful and healthy hands, so this product is just perfect for me. With this hand cream you protect your hands against premature, light-related skin ageing. Hands up for this hand cream! 😉


7Renovar – 24h hyaluron cream

This 24h hyaluron cream – from the renovar – line – not only comes in a super cute packaging, it also stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid. This cream is ideal for dry skin, but it can be used for normal skin too. Go get yours now, because it’s also perfect as a base under make-up.


Incarnation – Body lotion 8

This body lotion from the incarnation – line is EVERYTHING. I wish you could smell this
parfum through your screen! 😮 But it not only smells de-li-cious, it also nurtures your skin, certainly after a fresh shower! You’re feeling like you can take over the world! 😀



So girls, I know, this was a lot of text. 😀 Thank you so much if you’re still reading this. ❤ As you could see in the picture at the top, there were more products I received. But hey, I don’t need to tell you everything, right? You should just check it out yourself! 😉 You won’t be disappointed, I swear! If you want to know more about Jean d’Arcel Belgium, make sure you visit their website: or their Facebook page: !

For now; here are some more pictures of the products I received. Enjoy! ❤

Cute mirror 




Nailpolish in my favorite colors


Express wrinkle corrector





This blogpost will be about an amazing webshop I discovered: The Musthaves! ❤ IKKKK
This webshop, as the name says it, offers us the newest musthaves of the moment at the best price. And on top of that, they launch a new collection EVERY WEEK! 😮 I think I’m dreaming, but no it’s very true! 😀

I was so lucky to receive two musthaves of the moment, scroll down to see more!

Enjoy! ❤


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Hi there,

As you (I hope) have read in my blogpost about my IMG_7920anniversary dinner, my boyfriend and I also celebrated our 6 years together in a beautiful wellness resort where you have the opportunity to sleep IN the wellness! 😀 Wow, what an experience.

The wellness resort is called “DE VERBORGEN PAREL” and is located in Borgloon, Limburg. Check out their website for more information. You will fall in love immediately. ❤

There’s not a lot more I can tell about it, so I took a lot of pictures for you, guys! ❤ Enjoy! 😉


















Hi there! ❤

Here I am again with another post!
This time, not about fashion or jewelry, but about my biggest love: FOOD ! 😀

Because the 10th of April my boyfriend and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together – wow, time flies – we spoiled ourselves with a lovely five course dinner saturday the 8th. ❤

The restaurant we visited is called “La Feuille d’Or” and is located in Dilsen-Stokkem. The owners are Jan Martens (the chef) and Cindy Nijs (the hostess). In the restaurant you can order a menu, but you can also eat “a la carte” like we say it. 😉

My boyfriend and I ordered a five course menu and we looooooved it!


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Lobster soup – Smoked salmon – Cucumber (kreeftensoep – gerookte zalm – komkommer) 

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1  Mackerel – Yellow beet – Greek yoghurt (makreel – gele biet – Griekse yoghurt)

Processed with MOLDIV

2  Gurnard – Spinach – Leek – Lime (Rode poon – spinazie – prei – limoen)

Processed with MOLDIV

3  Scalop – Pumpkin – Apple – Curry (Sint-Jacobsvrucht – Pompoen – Appel – Kerrie)

Processed with MOLDIV

4   Bovine – Carrot – Cabbage – Mushroom (Runds-ribstuk – spitskool – shi-take) 

Processed with MOLDIV

5   Rhubarb – Mascarpone – Orange – Tarragon (Rabarber – Mascarpone – Sinaas – Dragon) 

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So, that was it.

My score:
– Food: 8/10
– Hospitality: 7/10
– Interior: 8/10
– Price quality: 8/10

Dorien ❤


Hi Fashionista’s ❤

HFS3You already know the brand “HIPSTER FASHION STORE“? If not, let me tell you something about this cool new brand. ❤

Hipster Fashion Store stands for trendy, fashionable and affordable clothes and accessories. Everything a girl needs, right? 😉

You can order your musthaves via their Facebookpage and make sure you also visit their  Instagram for a lot of pictures! 😉 Shipping is free for every order above 50 EUR. 😀

I had the honor to receive the beautiful pink ice cream sweater and the matching arm candy from Sweet7. ❤ Here are some picture of myself wearing this cool musthaves. I combined it with a spring blue jeans – same color as the icecream 😉 – and my favorite Converse sneakers. 😀 Enjoy ❤

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Hi lovies, TOPWIJF4

A while ago I received a beautiful light blue sweater from the amazing TOPWIJF brand. So I thought it was about time to write a little blogpost about this Happy Belgian Brand. 🙂

The TOPWIJF brand is created by Fleur Sabbe, a real topwijf on her own! ❤ A “topwijf” is actually a superwoman, a woman who is confident with all her craziness and stands up for her girl squad! ❤ #GIRLPOWER !

It will soon be Mothersday here in Belgium. Don’t you think your mother is a TOPWIJF? ❤ Maybe you can show her some deserved love and give her an awesome t-shirt, sweater, … 😉 You can shop this brand online on or in the shop located in Leuven, Mechelsestraat 147. Don’t forget to also visit their Instagram !!!

Here are some pictures of myself with the über cool light blue sweater. 😀



Happy shopping! ❤