Hi cuties,

Here I am again with a new blogpost.
This time it’s about the cutest car ever:

The Smart For Two Brabus Cabrio! 

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Thanks to Mercedes Benz Belgium & Global Image PR I had the opportunity to test this cutie and take it home for the weekend. I had so much fun, what a car

First of all, this isn’t just a regular Smart. It is the Smart For Two Brabus Cabrio.
==> Brabus stands for the sporty version of the car (like you have AMG for Mercedes). The car that we’ve tested is the most powerful one of the Smart Collection. It has 109HP, which means it is a small bomb on the road. The excelleration and response of this cutie is really exceptional for such a small engine.


This lovely car is kinda perfect for us, girls. Wanna know why? It’s so easy to park! 😮 Even when you think “God, I’m never gonna fit in there“, you just squeeze it into any parking space! #skills 😀 Okay okay, also a little thanks to the rearview camera. 😀


Not so very easy for us is that you can not put a lot of shopping bags in it. 😦 But hey, who cares? Thank God for online shopping! 😉 My boyfriend and I took the opportunity to visit Bruges that weekend. We immediately found out this little cutie is also the perfect car for the city.

Next to those positive things, the car is also an absolute splendor! Look what a beauty! 😮 I admit, I’m a huge fan of black cars, so this one stole my heart for sure! ❤ She also has the cutest LED headlights in the shape of a “U”.


Next to all that, I was extremely happy that I got a cabriolet! ❤ The fabric top had a red color that looked awesome! You can choose between three different modes of driving cabrio!

LARGE SUNROOF – So the roof is open, but there is not a lot of wind inside of the car.


REAR WINDOW DROP – As the word says it; you drop the “back window”, so you have even more the “cabrio feeling”.


ULTIMATE CABRIO EXPERIENCE – The perfect cabrio ride is when you put everything down: roof, rear window and side windows. Let the wind blow through your hair! 😉 #summerfeelingcheck


Enough about the outside, also the inside is worth to talk about! There is a lot more space on the inside than you might think! Besides that, the car has a lot of options like for example an automatic gearbox, navigation system with touchscreen, JBL sound system, leather heated seats, cruise control, …




The Smart For Two Brabus Cabrio isn’t a cheap car, but it’s definitely worth it! 😉 It brings you fun, speed and comfort in one. This Exclusive version has a lot of options, which makes it the perfect little city car we actually all need! ❤

You can tell I had so much fun during my “Smart weekend”, so I was really sad when I had to bring it back. Because I wanted to keep this memory with me for a long long time I took hundreds of pictures and also made a movie about it. 😀

So here are some other pictures (not all of them I promise), and scroll down if you want to see my video! ❤


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