City Marble by Case Company

Hi cuties,

I hope you’re doing great! ❤
I certainly do, because Case Company introduced me to their new concept:



Let me explain … 🙂

First of all, Case Company is an incredible company that sells supercool cases for your smartphone and laptop ( click here to visit their website 😉 ). Yes, I know, there are a lot of websites where you can order smartphone cases these days, BUT Case Company offers you more. You can personalize your smartphone case (or laptop sleeve) in every way you want. From full wrap cases to hard cases, matte cases, even silicon cases are possible! 😮 You can choose your most beautiful pictures or favorite quotes to design your own case. Nothing cooler than that, right? 😀

Now Case Company has launched a super cool concept, the City Marble and stands for

“your world your case”


With this concept you can put your hometown, favorite city, neighborhood you grew up, your dream destination, … on your smartphone case and take it with you anywhere you go.

So, first of all, you can choose YOUR CITY: I chose Tongeren, the oldest city of Belgium, because that’s were I live, work and met the love of my life! ❤ 😀

Second, you can choose how far you ZOOM IN OR OUT on the city. You can even spin around. It’s totally up to you! 😉

Besides that you can also add EMOJI’S, FILTERS and you can choose if the city map is white, colorful or “by night”. So cool! 😀


My personalized case came in a super cute little bag as you can see on the picture above. I use this a lot as an extra protection for my phone, love it! ❤

To order your case, just visit their website and follow the steps. It’s so easy. Prices start at 15,95 EUR which is a super good price. The cases are really strong and from good quality! 🙂 They can be made for iPhone, Samsung smartphones, Sony, … Also for your iPad, tablet, laptop. So you can even match your gadgets! 😉 ❤

Here are two more pictures of my case from Case Company! ❤ Enjoy!





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