Hi there,

Here I am again with a new blogpost, this time about the wonderful evening I had Saturday the 3th of June. I felt so honored to be invited as a VIP at the traditional Antwerp Fashion Show 2017.

Before I tell you more about the show itself, I want to thank OPEL BELGIUM for this invitation. I really enjoyed my evening and felt kinda special to be treated as a VIP! 😀


The event was organized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where the students of this school (Bachelors & Masters) could show their pieces of art they made over the year.

First my boyfriend and I were picked up by  Opel’s New Insignia Grand Sport. How cool was that? 😮


After ten minutes we arrived at the event where we could meet the brand new Opel Crossland X! For me this really was the eyecatcher of the evening, I was so happy my outfit was matching this cool car! 😀


The new Crossland X is co-designed by the Belgian Thibaut Doneux, and is especially made for the modern, independent woman. Those women nowadays enjoy life to the fullest, and therefore this car is perfect for them! 😉 They can conquer the world with this car, but also enjoy nature and escape the stress this life gives them. But off course, the new Crossland X is an amazing car, available for each and every one of us!

The combination of this event – Opel vs. Fashion – I know, may sound a bit weird. But if you know the story, you will definitely understand: both are based on a design proces; it starts with an idea, a story, a design and than it proceeds to become a fascinating product available for potential customers.


As you can see on this picture above we were spoiled with little snacks and drinks during this event. I also had the honor to finally meet the amazing Lena! ❤ We had a great time and had some fun making our own cocktail! Check out the pictures below! 😀




And then the Fashion Show … What a show! 😮 I was blown away by the amazing talent our little country has to offer. Here are some more pictures of this show (Thank you, Lena! <3) .. Enjoy! ❤







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