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I know it’s been a while since I wrote something, but now I’m back with a new blogpost about a very cool cosmetics brand: JEAN D’ARCEL.

A while ago I was so lucky to receive a lot (check the picture on the right :D) of products from this – for me – new brand. I never experienced love at first sight, until now! 😮 😀 ❤

That’s why I really took the time to test these products one by one and to tell you how I feel about them. So, here we go.

Caviar – Day care Day Care

This day care cream from the caviar – line is so awesome! It protects your skin from the difficulties your skin has to go through during the day. The caviar extract and sea spring water helps to strengthen your skin and prevents skin aging! How cool is that? ❤
After using this product about a week I really felt something different about my skin.


Renovar – Renewing face cream 2

The second product I tested is the renewing face cream from the renovar – line. This cream is a 24-hour revitalizing care for the strengthening of the skin. This strengtening  is possible thanks to an intensive amount of moisture. It helps you getting a smooth and harmonious skin. Who doesn’t want that? 😀


Multibalance – Neck firming care3

The neck firming care cream gives you a beautiful neck and a well looked neckline.
So thanks to this product your neck and neckline get a smooth and youthfull look! 😉 To be honest I used this product less than the other ones, but you must definitely try it out! ❤


4Prestige – Pre-age mask

This face mask is heaven for the busy girls ! #praisethelord 😀 This mask from the prestige – line works fast and stimulates the skin’s regeneration properties and gives your immune system a well deserved boost. 😉 Who run the world? 😀



Végétalie – Deep cleansing scrub + all in one cleanser5

The next products I tested belong to the végétalie – line.

The first one is the deep cleansing scrub. This scrub cleans your skin down into the pores. It also gives you a skin that feels soft and silky. Babies are getting jealous! 😉

The second product I tested from the végétalie – line is the all in one cleanser. This cleanser removes all dirt particles and make-up from our skin in one step. And hey, this one is suitable for all skin types. We’re so lucky, right? 😀


Multibalance – Triple action hand cream 6

I think this hand cream from the multibalance – line is one of my favorite products I tested. I think it’s so important for a girl/woman to have beautiful and healthy hands, so this product is just perfect for me. With this hand cream you protect your hands against premature, light-related skin ageing. Hands up for this hand cream! 😉


7Renovar – 24h hyaluron cream

This 24h hyaluron cream – from the renovar – line – not only comes in a super cute packaging, it also stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid. This cream is ideal for dry skin, but it can be used for normal skin too. Go get yours now, because it’s also perfect as a base under make-up.


Incarnation – Body lotion 8

This body lotion from the incarnation – line is EVERYTHING. I wish you could smell this
parfum through your screen! 😮 But it not only smells de-li-cious, it also nurtures your skin, certainly after a fresh shower! You’re feeling like you can take over the world! 😀



So girls, I know, this was a lot of text. 😀 Thank you so much if you’re still reading this. ❤ As you could see in the picture at the top, there were more products I received. But hey, I don’t need to tell you everything, right? You should just check it out yourself! 😉 You won’t be disappointed, I swear! If you want to know more about Jean d’Arcel Belgium, make sure you visit their website: or their Facebook page: !

For now; here are some more pictures of the products I received. Enjoy! ❤

Cute mirror 




Nailpolish in my favorite colors


Express wrinkle corrector




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