Gent: Holy Food Market & Spilliewood by Earnieland


Time for another blogpost. 😀 This time it’s about my little visit to Gent on Saturday the 25th of March. Because I was invited on the Spilliewood Event, organised by Earnieland at The Place in Gent, I thought it would be fun to also visit the Holy Food Market.


The Holy Food Market used to be an old chapel and is located in Gent, Beverhoutplein 15. HFM8In the chapel you can find 17 different food stands, what makes it really hard to choose. 😮

To start this lovely evening I visited Frank & Brut and ordered the Notorious P.I.G. burger. It was super yummie! 😀

The burger made me a little thirsty, so my boyfriend and I ordered something to drink at the Champagne & Cocktail bar – Bar Brut.


While sipping wine & cocktails, my boyfriend ordered some ribs and fries at Karnivoor. He’s such a meat lover! 😀







I couldn’t leave the Holy Food Market without creating my own guilty pleasure at the Magnum Pleasure Store – hmmmm! ❤

Here are some more pictures of my visit to the Holy Food Market.



After my visit to the Holy Food Market, my boyfriend and I headed to the Spilliewood Event – partnered by Earnieland. It was such an honor to meet the beautiful Kayleigh, Rune and Bo.

As a gift we received a bottle of champagne and a lovely goodie bag. ❤



I had such a great time and I will surely return to Gent someday!

Here are some extra pictures of the Spilliewood Event.


Hope you enjoyed reading this. 😉

Kiss, Dorien ❤


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